When To Prune Trees In Australia

You might think pruning a tree is just as simple as cutting off branches, but it’s actually a process that needs to be done accurately and at the right time for the best results. Wondering what time’s the right time to prune your trees? Read on for our helpful tips.

Pruning Fruit Trees With Pruning Shears

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is a way of protecting your trees and shrubs against pests and disease, and promoting growth and flowering. It involves the removal of dead, diseased and loose branches from your tree or plant, or even removing dead roots. As each cut made during pruning can impact the growth of your tree, it’s important no branch is cut without good reason.


You should be able to prune smaller trees or shrubs on your own using appropriate tools, such as shears, a lopper, or a pruning saw. If your tree is larger or growing near a power line or any other hazard, it’s recommended you contact a professional arborist, like our team at All Tree Solutions.

When Should I Prune My Trees?

All trees are different, but pruning is generally recommended in late winter. At this time, many trees and shrubs have stopped flowering and you’ll be able to prune more easily and encourage a faster regrowth during the spring months. Most deciduous fruit trees, roses, grape vines and ornamental plants benefit from a winter pruning.

If you have birch, magnolia, or maple trees, we recommend you prune them during late spring or early summer when their leaves have fully emerged. Pruning them during winter might cause a lot of sap to bleed, and while this doesn’t cause much harm to your trees, it can be prevented.

Palm trees benefit most from a prune during summer or spring. By this time, you’ll be able to easily spot which branches are healthy or are showing signs of regrowth, and can remove dead, dying or discoloured branches more easily.

Trees and shrubs that flower during spring should be pruned after they finish flowering, while those that flower during the summer and autumn months benefit from a prune at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. Pruning during autumn is generally not recommended, as it will encourage new growth that might just die off in winter.

If you notice suckers, water sprouts, or diseased and dead branches, prune these straight away.

Does Time Really Matter?

The short answer is, yes! As pruning stimulates the growth of flowers and fruit, it’s important you wait until the best time to prune to ensure any growth doesn’t simply die off due to cold or hot weather. Additionally, pruning at the right time will ensure the best outcomes, as you’ll be able to easily see the areas that would benefit best from a cut. Pruning can also help you keep your plants shaped nicely, remove any dead or damaged areas, or to encourage a canopy or branching.

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