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All Tree Solutions have been providing professional and affordable arborist services throughout the Central Coast region since 2004. We operate throughout Killcare, Bateau Bay, Ourimbah, North Avoca and Matcham, as well as Kariong, Mangrove Mountain, Somersby, Kincumber, Morisset and Warnervale.


Our team is led by a passion for the natural environment and a wealth of expertise about trees. As highly skilled arborists, we perform all jobs with the utmost care and precision. Whether you’re wanting to remove trees from your home or clear land for a new building, we provide services that are backed by comprehensive industry knowledge.


After a storm, fallen trees and branches can pose a hazard to your family and property. That’s why our response team is available 24/7 for emergencies. Our professional tree loppers provide emergency tree removal, coordinating efficiently with power companies and traffic control where necessary.

Tree Services Central Coast

If a tree is too close to a building, diseased, dead, or perhaps within an approved building site, it may need removing. We will choose the safest method for removing your tree. Our team can use a crane where it is necessary.

Our professionals offer comprehensive tree pruning, shaping and trimming services. In addition to improving the health and appearance of your trees, our services can enhance safety at your property.

With Australia’s extreme climate, the risk of bushfires is high, especially during the summer months. We can provide bushfire safety clearing to ensure your property is fireproofed.

Our arborists are qualified to use 5-tonne excavators to dig out stumps and speed up land clearing processes. We also utilise excavators for a wide range of outdoor needs.

We deliver safe and efficient land clearing for homes and commercial properties of all sizes. Our arborists take an environmentally-friendly approach to all our services.

Our team is committed to recycling tree waste, which is why we offer mulch and firewood to locals and landscaping suppliers. We deliver across the Central Coast.

Take care of fallen trees quickly with storm damage and emergency work from the experts at All Tree Solutions. We repair damaged trees and offer comprehensive clearing services.

Tree Lopper Cutting Down A Tree With A Chainsaw

Central Coast Tree Loppers

At All Tree Solutions, we offer a wide range of arborist services to residential and commercial clients across Killcare, Bateau Bay, Somersby and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced tree loppers are available to trim, remove or care for your trees and land.


We specialise in providing expert care to your trees, using the latest equipment and techniques to keep your land happy and healthy. Our professional team of arborists can assist with:

Qualified Arborists

Arborist Cutting A Tree With A Chainsaw
Arborist Cutting A Birch Tree

Arborists Tree Removal Central Coast

Trees are essential for the environment, providing numerous benefits such as improving air quality, providing shade and enhancing the aesthetic value of the surrounding area. However, trees can also become a safety hazard when they are damaged or diseased, and they need to be removed to prevent accidents. Tree removal is not a job for amateurs, it requires the services of a qualified arborist.

All Tree Solutions provides professional tree removal services on the Central Coast. Our team of qualified arborists has extensive experience in removing trees of all sizes and in any location. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure tree removal is carried out safely and efficiently, without causing damage to surrounding property or the environment.

Our arborists can also provide advice on tree removal if you’re unsure whether it’s necessary. In some cases, trees can be pruned or trimmed to remove damaged or diseased branches, improving the tree’s health and preventing the need for removal. Our team can assess the condition of your trees and recommend the best course of action to take.

Arborist Tree Services

  • Improving tree health
  • Increasing safety
  • Enhancing the overall aesthetic value of a property or landscape
  • Increasing property value
  • Providing shade
  • Reducing noise pollution
  • Supporting wildlife
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Reducing carbon footprint
Arborist Waiting For The Tree To Fall
Arborist Cutting A Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

When carried out by a professional, such as the arborists at All Tree Solutions, tree lopping will not cause damage to your trees. We will remove areas of your tree that are no longer growing effectively to encourage new growth and longevity, whilst also modifying the shape of the tree to better suit your garden. Our qualified arborists are trained in the best techniques and equipped with the latest machinery to ensure the structure of your tree is not affected during lopping.

There are a number of benefits to pruning your trees, which is why we encourage our clients to book regular appointments with an experienced arborist. By removing damaged, diseased or dead branches, new growth is able to flourish and the lifespan of your tree is prolonged. This also prevents disease from spreading to other areas of your tree, and even your garden. Furthermore, pruning improves the overall structure of your tree, preventing over-grown branches from coming too close to your home or other areas of your garden.

Although we will do everything we can to save your tree, the time may come when it simply needs removing. A member of our friendly and experienced team will visit your property to assess the tree, advising as to the best way forward. We typically remove trees that are causing a hazard to you, your property or other plants in your garden. We, therefore, advise you to consider tree removal if:

  • The tree is dead, dying or heavily diseased
  • The tree is causing an obstruction and cannot be effectively lopped
  • The tree has root problems
  • Your garden is crowded and growth is suppressed
  • The tree requires removal to make way for construction work
  • The tree has become a hazard that could cause injury or damage to property

An arborist is a trained professional who specialises in the care of trees. Arborists can provide a wide range of tree services, including tree pruning, tree removal and tree planting. They have extensive knowledge of tree biology and can provide expert advice on tree care and maintenance.

While both arborists and tree trimmers are involved in the care of trees, there are significant differences between the two professions. Arborists are trained professionals with extensive knowledge of tree biology and care. They can provide a wide range of tree services, including tree removal, pruning and planting. Tree trimmers, on the other hand, are typically involved in trimming or pruning trees for aesthetic purposes. They may not have the same level of training or knowledge as arborists.

An arborist and a tree surgeon are both trained professionals who specialise in the care of trees. However, there are some differences between the two professions. An arborist is primarily concerned with the health and safety of trees. They have extensive knowledge of tree biology and can provide a wide range of tree services and can also provide advice on the best ways to care for trees and prevent disease or damage. A tree surgeon, on the other hand, is typically focused on the removal of trees or branches that pose a safety hazard. They may also be involved in the treatment of diseases or pests that affect trees. Tree surgeons may use specialised equipment such as cranes or cherry pickers to remove large or difficult-to-reach branches or trees. While there is some overlap between the two professions, arborists are generally more focused on the long-term health and safety of trees, while tree surgeons are more focused on immediate safety concerns. Both professions require specialised training and expertise, and it’s important to choose a qualified professional for any tree care or removal services.

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Why Choose Us?

All Tree Solutions is one of the longest standing tree removal companies on the Central Coast. With years of experience, our fully qualified, insured team of arborists provide high-quality land clearing and tree removal services. Our priority lies with delivering a sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to our work. With each job we complete, we guarantee to deliver outstanding workmanship, affordable prices and excellent customer service.

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