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At All Tree Solutions, our team of certified arborists provide comprehensive services from tree removal to land clearing for both commercial and residential customers in Warnervale and its surrounding areas.


Utilising the latest equipment, we are able to remove branches, stumps and entire trees carefully and safely, all while ensuring customer satisfaction. We take extra care to protect your property and the safety of our crew, no matter how big or small the job. Need some quality mulch for your garden? We’ve got it. From trimming, stump removal and bushfire clearing to 24/7 storm damage control, we do it all.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Servicing from St Johns Road to Nikko Road, we look forward to helping you with all your tree and land maintenance needs.

Our Service Suite

As a family-owned and operated business, we’re proud to offer an extensive range of maintenance and removal services to help improve the health and overall appearance of your garden. Our team is highly skilled in stump grinding, canopy thinning, deadwood removal, tree pruning and dangerous or dead tree removal with minimal impact to the surrounding area. We use industry-leading equipment such as rotating log-grabbing heads, stump grinders, woodchippers, cherry pickers and cranes to ensure the job is completed quickly and safely.


We also understand the importance of preparing for wild storms and bushfires. That’s why our team can prune dead and diseased branches from your trees, remove trees that are encroaching on your property, and help you create a firebreak if needed. For all enquiries in Warnervale, please don’t hesitate to contact us for personalised services tailored to suit your individual needs.

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What We Do

If you need tree removal in Warnervale, our team of certified arborists have the required experience and specialised equipment to carry out the job with minimal disruption and maximum safety for your property.

Need your land cleared? Our experienced arborists have the expertise and equipment to efficiently clear your Warnervale property of trees, stumps, shrubs and any other vegetation.

Our experienced team provides professional tree pruning services for commercial and residential properties in Warnervale and the surrounding areas. We’ll keep your trees healthy by improving their structure and protect them from disease and injury.

Tree Removalist Services in Warnervale

Shredder For Sawn Wood — Tree Removal & Land Clearing in Somersby, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various types of garden mulch available, each with their own benefits.

Organic mulches, such as woodchips or bark, can be used to enrich the soil while allowing air and water to penetrate. They also help to keep the soil temperature consistent and reduce weed growth.

Inorganic mulches, such as stones or pebbles, can be used to retain moisture in dry conditions while providing an attractive look for your garden. In areas with heavy rainfall, these mulches will provide a stable base that won’t be washed away.

Compost is also a popular option for mulching gardens, as it adds essential nutrients to the soil and helps to retain moisture. If you are using kitchen waste in your compost, make sure that it isn’t treated with any chemicals or pesticides which could harm plants.

It is possible to remove a tree stump by yourself, but it’s always best to consult an expert. A professional arborist can safely and properly remove a tree stump using specialised tools and techniques.

Storing firewood correctly can be key to having dry, usable wood when you need it. The most important factor in storing firewood is keeping it dry and off the ground, as this will help prevent mould and rot from setting in. One of the most common ways to store firewood is by building a rack or shed with a roof to keep the wood dry.

The standard benefits include:

  • Improving soil health & fertility
  • Increasing land productivity
  • Making room for new developments or renovations
  • Preventing soil erosion & flooding
  • Creating an improved aesthetic for the property
  • Enhancing the environment by creating additional space for wildlife to thrive
  • Increasing access to sunlight & airflow, improving crop yield & long-term productivity of crops