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Custom Arborist Solutions

All Tree Solutions is a family-owned and operated business, providing reliable tree removal and wider arboricultural services to customers in Morisset and the surrounding areas. Our team of certified and insured arborists are committed to delivering tailored solutions that prioritise safety and sustainability. We never remove a tree unless it is absolutely necessary, and always aim to find alternative solutions to preserve the life of your tree. We understand the importance of environmental protection, so we recycle all firewood and mulch generated from our work, selling it to local residents and businesses.


Get in touch with us today for an obligation-free quote or to find out more about our services. We’re proud to serve clients from Bonnells Bay to Wyee Road and beyond.

Keep Your Property Safe

As a team, we also understand the importance of fire safety and are dedicated to helping our local community ensure their property is as safe from bushfires as possible. We use state-of-the-art machinery, such as excavators, to carry out a range of services, including canopy separation and under scrubbing.


All Tree Solutions can also help with the necessary applications for tree work permits and offer seasonal advice to ensure your property keeps up with the current climate. Our 24/7 emergency service is available for those in need, and we provide competitive prices to suit all budgets. Let us make sure that your Morisset home or business is free from overgrown vegetation and major fire hazards! Contact us today to take advantage of our full suite of services.

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What We Do

Tree trimming is an essential part of maintaining healthy and vibrant trees. Our team in Morisset offers professional tree pruning services for both residential and commercial properties to ensure that your trees remain in the best condition possible.

Our bushfire safety clearing service helps protect your Morisset home from the threat of wildfires. We provide a comprehensive vegetation clearance service, ridding you and your property of hazardous growth that may be too close for comfort.

If you need premium-quality mulch or locally sourced firewood in Morisset, we have you covered. We’ll deliver straight to your door—and our firewood is already cut, split and dried for your convenience.

Tree Removalist Services in Morisset

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying garden mulch is easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Firstly, you should clear away any existing weeds or debris from the area you’re wanting to mulch. Next, spread a layer of mulch that is about 2 to 4 inches thick across your desired area. Make sure to avoid piling the mulch up around the stems of plants as this can cause rot and damage. Lastly, water your mulched area to help settle it down. Once the mulch has been applied, you should continue to monitor its condition and reapply when necessary.

When choosing firewood, it’s important to pick wood that is well-seasoned. Well-seasoned wood should be split and dried for at least six months before burning. You’ll want to avoid freshly cut wood as this will create more smoke than heat and may contain higher levels of moisture, leading to a less efficient fire. When purchasing firewood, you’ll also want to make sure it’s from a reputable source.

Land clearing is necessary in order to prepare land for development and farming. It allows people to create space for buildings, roads and agricultural activities. Land clearing can also help reduce the risk of wildfires by removing dead or potentially flammable vegetation from an area. Additionally, it can improve water quality by reducing flooding or sediment run-off caused by overgrowth of vegetation near rivers and streams.

Removing a tree stump is a laborious task that can take anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the size of the stump and the method used. Some factors that will affect how long it takes to remove a tree stump include the tree species, diameter, root system, location of the stump and whether there are any underground utilities in the vicinity. Consult with a professional to get a more accurate estimate.