Tree Stump Removal Central Coast

Tree stump getting removed — Tree Stump Removal Central Coast, NSW

Quick & Effective Stump Grinding

Here at All Tree Solutions, we use the highest quality, industry-grade equipment for tree stump removal and land clearing services throughout the Central Coast. Our professionals can help you clear vegetation and tree stumps in Killcare, Bateau Bay, Ourimbah, North Avoca and Matcham, as well as Kariong, Mangrove Mountain, Somersby, Kincumber, Morisset and Warnervale.

To ensure an efficient site-clearing process, our arborists use 5-tonne excavators with mulching heads and rotating log grab attachments, plus a range of specialised equipment. Our state-of-the-art stump grinding and land clearing machinery include:

  • 4WD Isuzu truck with 25m3 bin
  • 4WD Landcruiser ute with tipper tray & towing hitch for chipper
  • RGB SC30 tracked stump grinder
  • 18-inch Vermeer woodchipper

Want to see how we can transform your site using our stump grinding equipment? Claim your free, no-obligation quote today.

Efficient Excavation of Tree Stumps & Roots

Grinding A Tree Stump — Tree Stump Removal Central Coast, NSW

Stump grinding

As well as tree stump removal Central Coast homes and businesses can depend on, the team at All Tree Solutions also offers stump grinding. This technique is a less disruptive way of managing a tree stump, in comparison to complete removal. Stump grinding, as the name suggests, involves nipping away small chunks of the trunk, using specialist machinery. This process gradually whittles away the tree trunk until it’s level (or slight below) the surrounding ground surface.

Once stump grinding has been completed, it’s virtually impossible for the tree to grow back. The remaining roots will gradually decompose into the surrounding soil. Customers are left with a flat surface that’s ready for alternative use.

Tree stump removal

Lot free of tree stump — Tree Stump Removal Central Coast, NSW
Tree Stump — Tree Stump Removal Central Coast, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

A tree stump protruding from the ground surface isn’t just an eyesore, it’s also a tripping hazard and makes it difficult to use the site for an alternative purpose. In addition, a decaying tree stump is a great place for unwanted insects (including termites) to occupy. Trees are also capable of regenerating when the stump remains – you may get fresh shoots growing from the trunk, adding to the inconvenience it causes. For all these reasons and more, most people opt to have the stump either ground down or removed completely.

Theoretically yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it! Digging out a stump, along with the tree roots, is a large-scale landscaping project that requires specialist machinery and a large amount of labour. Not every stump is suitable for complete removal – if a stump is too close to a property, for example, removing the roots could destabilise the built structure. In most cases, it’s far easier and safer to give the All Tree Solutions team a call to get the job done – we have the right machinery and skills to get the job done quickly, correctly and for a surprisingly affordable price.

The preferred option usually depends on what you want to use the site for and how much disruption you want in the area. Many homeowners who simply want a more attractive, safer alternative to the tree stump opt for stump grinding. Grinding is less disruptive, cheaper, and removes the trunk down to ground level.

Tree stump removal guarantees the tree won’t grow back in any way, but leaves a large hole in the ground (which can be as much of an eyesore as the stump) and is a costlier process due to the time it takes to complete the process.

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