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Two trees fell down — Tree Removal Near Me in Central Coast, NSW

Remove Tree Hazards From Storm Damage

Our response team at All Tree Solutions are available 24/7 to assist with emergency work and storm damage tree removal. If wild weather has left a trail of fallen trees and branches on your property, rely on our experts throughout the Central Coast. We service Killcare, Bateau Bay, Ourimbah, North Avoca and Matcham, as well as Kariong, Mangrove Mountain, Somersby, Kincumber, Morisset and Warnervale.


Our experts have all the specialised equipment and technical skills to carefully and quickly clear storm damage. Plus, we can manage your remaining trees and help them regrow after sustaining injuries from high winds. We are passionate about guiding your trees back to full health, offering careful pruning and bracing services. It’s also a good idea to take care of any necessary tree removal before the next storm rolls around, reducing the risk of falling dead trees.

Rapid Response Emergency Tree Removals

Newly chopped large log — Tree Removal Near Me in Central Coast, NSW
A Storm Damaged Tree

What Should You Do If Your Tree Is Damaged By A Storm?

If any of the trees on your property have become damaged by a storm, you may need to have them professionally removed. While many trees are salvageable depending on the amount of damage that they have sustained, many are simply too damaged to safely leave them where they are. Damaged trees present a threat to your property due to the fact that they could fall or drop damaged branches at any time.


If your trees are damaged by a storm, you may wish to complete the following steps…

  1. Assess the damage. Is it safe to enter the area? Can your trees be saved?
  2. If you believe that your trees can be saved, carefully prune off any broken limbs and bind any obvious wounds that you find. Make sure there are no hanging broken branches that can fall off and potentially cause further damage.
  3. Call in the professionals. If you’re unsure whether your trees are salvageable or you want help trimming back the trees, call a professional. They will be able to assess the storm-damaged trees and advise whether they can be safely saved. They will also be able to safely conduct the work for you.

When Should You Contact A Professional To Help With An Emergency Tree Removal?

In some cases, you may be able to easily remove the damaged tree from your property with relative ease. However, there are times when the tree is going to be too difficult or complex for you to safely remove it yourself. If you’re unsure when you should call in a professional we can help. Take a look at some of the common scenarios where you will want to utilise the expertise of professional arborists:


  • There are patches of bumpy soils around the roots of the tree
  • The root plate has visibly lifted
  • Tree crowns have broken limbs or are visibly uneven
  • Storms have lifted the tree so much that roots have been pulled up out of the ground
  • The tree is visibly damaged I.e. you can see large splits or cracks on the trunk or limbs
  • You can see evidence of rot or decay on the tree such as holes or open cavities


If you are faced with any of these scenarios, don’t try to remove the tree yourself as this could result in injuries or a botched job. Instead, give the experts a call and let them remove your damaged tree safely and efficiently.

Arborist Cutting Tree With Chainsaw

Who Pays If A Tree Falls In A Storm?

There’s no denying that paying for the removal of a fallen tree can be both expensive and confusing.


  • A tree on your property fell


If one of your trees is damaged and needs to be removed from your property, your insurance may cover it. However, this will be policy dependent as it will depend upon what is damaged, your situation and your insurance policy. Every insurance policy is going to have inclusions and exclusions so it pays to be aware of what these are.


  • Your tree fell on a neighbour’s property


If your tree has come down on a neighbour’s property you are not automatically liable for the damage or removal. When this happens, the common law will often indicate who is responsible for the removal of the storm-damaged tree, no matter who’s property it was initially on. However, if you knew the tree was dangerous and was a risk before the storm damaged it, you may indeed be liable.

Knowing who is liable to cover the costs of storm damage tree removal can be a confusing situation. Always check your insurance policy and be sure you know your common law which will often indicate who has to pay in certain situations.

Cutting A Storm Damaged Tree
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