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Arborists Prune a Linden Tree — Tree Removal & Land Clearing in Kariong, NSW

Safe & Efficient Tree Services

Need a problem tree removed from your yard? How about an unsightly tree stump? For all jobs big and small, you can count on the team at All Tree Solutions. Our qualified team offer a range of tree maintenance and land clearing services, from trimming and stump removal to bushfire clearing. We work with residential and commercial clients throughout Kariong and surrounds.


Using state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to remove dead branches, tree stumps and entire trees carefully and efficiently. Our team is committed to ensuring 100 per cent customer satisfaction while maintaining the safety of our crew—and protecting your property too. Whether you need us to remove a branch that’s hanging over your home or you’re looking for 24/7 storm damage control, we do it all. Get in touch today for your free, no-obligation quote.

Our Extensive Services

All Tree Solutions provide a range of maintenance and removal services, including stump grinding, canopy thinning, deadwood removal and tree pruning. Need a dangerous or dead tree removed? We can do that too! Our team has all the skills and experience to remove trees with minimal impact to the surrounding area. And not to mention, we operate industry leading equipment such as rotating log-grabbing heads, stump grinders, woodchippers, cherry pickers, cranes and more.


Customers rely on our services to improve the health and overall appearance of their gardens. Living in Kariong, it’s also important to prepare for wild storms and bushfires. Our team can assist with this by pruning dead and diseased branches from your trees, removing trees that are encroaching on your property and helping to create a fire break when needed. We’re a family owned and operated business, which is why we offer personalised services to suit your needs. For all enquiries, call our friendly team.

Man Saws a Trunk of Locust Tree — Tree Removal & Land Clearing in Kariong, NSW

What We Do

Count on our experts for comprehensive tree removal services, including stump grinding, deadwood removal and pruning in Kariong. For all dead and problematically placed trees, we can help.

Minimise fire hazards on your property this bushfire season—we offer safety clearing throughout Kariong. Our experts provide both residential and commercial services at a price that’s hard to beat.

Using 5-tonne excavators and a range of versatile attachments, land clearing and excavation is a breeze in Kariong. Prepare for your next project with our cost-effective excavation services.

Tree Removalist Services in Kariong

Stumps on Grass — Tree Removal & Land Clearing in Kariong, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure your tree is removed safely you should contact a professional arborist. Often during storms large trees fall over blocking roads and pathways. Using high-grade machinery, arborists will safely and efficiently remove and dispose of trees to prevent any potential safety issues. Some tree removal companies will also chip the tree into mulch.

Tree stumps can be an eye-sore and create a hazard in your yard. Arborists use specialist equipment to effectively grind the stump down to surface level. This process eliminates trip hazards and creates more space in your back or front yard.

Many tree removal companies provide land clearing services for commercial and residential clients. Using state-of-the-art equipment, arborists will remove vegetation, tree stumps and problem trees to create a clear and level site. Once the land has been cleared and the site is level, builders can install a shed.

Storms can damage trees and branches, cause soil erosion and pick up loose items in heavy winds, posing a threat to your property and family. In order to prepare for storm season, it’s important to tie down or stow away any unsecured items and remove potential hazards such as dead branches and trees. For efficient tree pruning and removal services, talk to the team at All Tree Solutions.