As a dedicated tree services company, All Tree Solutions offers a wide range of professional tree solutions to customers across the Central Coast, Sydney, and the Newcastle and Hunter regions. Established in 2004, we are fully insured with a qualified, friendly and experienced team of arborists.

Tree removal

Removing a tree is a last resort, and our experienced team will always see whether a healthy tree can be saved. However, if a tree is too close to a building, diseased, dead, or perhaps within an approved building site, it may need removing. We will choose the safest method for the removal of your tree whether it is by using specialised lowering equipment, carrying out stump grinding or by using a cherry picker or crane.

Removal of deadwood

It’s important to regularly remove dead branches from a tree as they could fall and cause injury to property or people. They can also provide food for pests or help spread disease, which could cause irreversible damage to your tree. Our experienced team will cut back dead branches to the trunk or a healthy position along the branch, maintaining the health and beauty of your tree.

Selective pruning and shaping

Professional pruning can improve the health, shape and appearance of your trees. Our qualified staff have the experience to determine where to trim your tree, ensuring its longevity. We also have extensive experience in pruning branches that are overhanging buildings, fences and electrical wires.

Canopy thinning

Thinning the canopy of a tree improves the amount of light and air that can reach the main structural branches, which can help improve its health and appearance. It can also increase the amount of light reaching the garden below. Thinning is also an ideal way to reduce the amount of wind resistance in the canopy, therefore reducing the load on branches.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is the perfect way for responsibly disposing of a tree once it has been removed. It helps completely clear the land for gardening, landscaping or building purposes, and the mulch can be used as an effective fertiliser.


We can use a 5-tonne excavator to dig out a stump rather than stump grinding it – or to speed up the process of a block clear. With our new mulching head attachment, we can slash and remove small undergrowth such as privet. Our excavator can also be used for other outdoors work.

Leaf mulch and wood chip supplies

Leaf mulch and wood chip is an essential ingredient for a healthy garden. We can provide top-quality leaf mulch and wood chip to landscaping suppliers or households on the Central Coast.

Emergency storm damage

You can be confident that if you need a professional arborist in an emergency, we’ll be there whatever day or time. We provide a 24/7 emergency service and work quickly to ensure your environment is safe and tidy.


Our experienced team can transform the look of your outside area with our professional landscaping service. Whether you are a business or homeowner, we will work with you to create a garden that is eye-catching yet easy to maintain.


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